The Volunteers

Tom Gerard


I have always been quite active and am quite fond of cycling, especially mountain-biking. I started volunteering in the summer of 2017 after one io the players approached the bike-shop I work for after the club lost their previous mechanic. I had been interested in wheelchairs for a little while before so was happy to volunteer.

I’m very interested in the role technology can play to restore lost function as a result of an accident, disease, or old age and thereby allow people to live independent, happy lives. Wheelchairs, I think, are a good example of this, which is where my interest in them stems from. So for me a big benefit of volunteering is getting some hands on experience with wheelchairs. More than that however I found that I really enjoy spending time with the team; they’re a wonderful club of people and are incredibly driven in their sport. They are true athletes and a great source of inspiration for a slightly lazy mountain biker.


Martin Connelly

Mechanic & Child protection officer

Seonag MacDonald

Team nurse & care co-cordinator

Even thought I don’t really participate in sports, I joined the Crushers after hearing about them though my work at the spinal unit. I gain a great satisfaction seeing previous patents come so far since their initial injuries
We have a great team spirit within the Crushers and enjoy the social aspects of meeting new people and attending wheelchair rugby events.

Paul Black

Head coach, team manager, child protection officer & committee member

I got involved in WR in 2002 when my nephew started playing. I have been around the sport in one way or another ever since as I find it an exciting sport.
I started of as a general helper at the previous club in Scotland before becoming the team mechanic. This gave me the opportunity to be the mechanic for the GB Development Team where I worked with and learned a lot about the sport from some of the most experienced players and coaches in the country. This has led to me taking up a coaching role at the Caledonian Crushers where we focus on basic skills, fitness,teamwork and tactics.

Stephen Ebbit

Treasurer & committee member

Cara Colins

Club secretary & volunteer coordinator

I had never heard of Wheel Chair Rugby until team member Donald Hutton invited me along to watch and see what it was all about. Donald Hutton suggested I went along to offer my support as a volunteer, so that’s what I did. As soon as I watched for the first time I thought the sport was amazing to watch and I have great admiration for every player and the strength that they have

Johnny Black

Team mechanic

I have been helping out at the Crushers since their very first training session. I am the club mechanic and also assist on the bench at tournaments whilst at training I help all the players and fix any problems with the equipment or chairs. I have so far been to both our competitions, 2012 Nationals and 2013 Super Series 1 weekend. I love wheelchair rugby because it is a fast and exciting but above all the full contact and roughness of the sport is a big draw. I love wheelchair rugby!!!

Susan Gilhespie


Wheelchair Rugby is a sport I have loved since I first saw it about 10 years ago while working in the Spinal Injuries Unit. I got involved with the Caledonian Crushers as soon as the club formed in 2011 and have been working on the bench and on the fundraising committee since then.
I am proud of the way the club has developed since its launch and hope that we can continue to grow and become real competitors within the national league soon.

Frances Pryce

Vice chairperson & trustee

I have never had any interest in sports till my son joined the team, it was then I joined as a volunteer. Wheelchair rugby has been so beneficial and helped my whole family back into normal life after Ciaran’s accident. It was the first positive thing since his injury, and I can see the benefits it brings to all those involved.
It’s great to meet players and their families from all over the UK – lots of shared experiences and plenty of hope for the future.