The Volunteers

Martin Connlly


Seonag MacDonald

Team nurse & care co-cordinator

Even thought I don’t really participate in sports, I joined the Crushers after hearing about them though my work at the spinal unit. I gain a great satisfaction seeing previous patents come so far since their initial injuries
We have a great team spirit within the Crushers and enjoy the social aspects of meeting new people and attending wheelchair rugby events.

Paul Black

Head coach, team manager & committee member

I got involved in WR in 2002 when my nephew started playing. I have been around the sport in one way or another ever since as I find it an exciting sport.
I started of as a general helper at the previous club in Scotland before becoming the team mechanic. This gave me the opportunity to be the mechanic for the GB Development Team where I worked with and learned a lot about the sport from some of the most experienced players and coaches in the country. This has led to me taking up a coaching role at the Caledonian Crushers where we focus on basic skills, fitness,teamwork and tactics.

Derek Sloan

General volunteer

Kevin Hutton

General volunteer

I’m a Sassenach living in Falkirk. Thought I would say that now so you can brace yourself for a foreign accent when you meet me. I was new to the sport when I brought a group from the Scottish Spina Bifida Association to a training session. I loved it, so decided to volunteer in fundraising and whatever else I can help with.

I may be seen in an England rugby shirt, but don’t hate me. Swing low sweet chariot…

Rebecca Hurrell

Club nurse Care co-ordinator

Even though I’m not a very sporty person I enjoyed watching the wheelchair rugby at 2012 Paralympics. It was then I went on the website to find out more about the local team as I was interested in watching a live game. I just sort of accidentally clicked on the link saying “volunteer for us” as I saw I could use my skills as a nurse.

As a nurse, volunteering with the crushers has developed my skills and knowledge, particularly in spinal injury. The work I do with the crushers is so diverse to my regular job. Besides from that I have met some great people and enjoy seeing how the game benefits the players both on and off the court.

Stephen Ebbit

Treasurer & committee member

Dianne Davidson

General volunteer

I heard all about the Caledonian Crushers from a previous member of the team, who was doing a display with his team at the Arnold Clark motability show in Glasgow. I’m a very active person, I attend a pole fit class and enjoy the gym but obviously wheelchair rugby is my first love 😉 and being a student occupational therapist I was keen to volunteer. Back in September 2013 I joined the Caledonian Crushers and it’s been great, I am learning loads about movement, adaptability and the fact that there are sports for everyone. I admire the resilience of the team and am proud to be part of the only Scottish wheelchair rugby team.

( I am also secretly very fond everyone ….. but don’t tell anyone!)

Cara Colins

Club secretary

I had never heard of Wheel Chair Rugby until team member Donald Hutton invited me along to watch and see what it was all about. Donald Hutton suggested I went along to offer my support as a volunteer, so that’s what I did. As soon as I watched for the first time I thought the sport was amazing to watch and I have great admiration for every player and the strength that they have

Johnny Black

Team mechanic

I have been helping out at the Crushers since their very first training session. I am the club mechanic and also assist on the bench at tournaments whilst at training I help all the players and fix any problems with the equipment or chairs. I have so far been to both our competitions, 2012 Nationals and 2013 Super Series 1 weekend. I love wheelchair rugby because it is a fast and exciting but above all the full contact and roughness of the sport is a big draw. I love wheelchair rugby!!!