Sponsor the Crushers!

General Sponsor of the Team

Money of any amount can be used to partially or fully fund any part of the club’s essential running costs, kit, facilities or travel (you can specify what you would like your sponsorship to go towards).  Here are some examples of the costs to the club over a year:

  • £3500 will cover the costs of hall hire for the year
  • £4000 will cover the cost of team travel for a year
  • £1000 will cover the cost of medical support for the team for a year (nurse expenses and essential medical kit)
  • £1500 for club training and playing kit
  • £4000 for a basic chair with essential spare parts for new players
  • £1000 will cover the cost of consumable kit for a year e.g. gloves, tape, inner tubes, new tyres

Player Sponsor

You can sponsor an individual player with their costs for participating in wheelchair rugby.  This could be a one off expense of £4500-7500 for a custom rugby wheelchair with essential spare parts (i.e. spare wheel).  Alternatively, or in addition to this, you may wish to sponsor an individual player’s  costs to participate in wheelchair rugby over a year.  This can be £800-£1500 to cover fees, gloves, tape, travel, tyre spares support straps etc.

Wheelchair Sponsor

Rugby wheelchairs are very expensive pieces of kit but without them, a player simply cannot play.  The cost is £4000-7500 per chair depending on the player needs.  The club needs a few general chairs available for new players to try out and play in until they get their own chairs.  This will allow us to encourage new players to take up the sport.  Your company name can be displayed on the chair.

Kit Sponsor

Have your company name on our playing and training kit.

Event Sponsor

You may wish to sponsor a wheelchair rugby event in Scotland where we invite teams from the UK or abroad to compete.

What we will give back

We will keep you updated in what your contribution has been used for with photographs, newsletters and annual statements and reports.  Your contribution will also be acknowledged in whatever way you wish e.g. logo displayed on the piece of kit sponsored or a link from our website.  We can also arrange demonstrations for your company or opportunities for staff development in the form of disability awareness and team building through sessions with the club.  If your company has any fundraising events that we may benefit from, we would also be delighted to participate in any way we can.