Tom Gerard

I have always been quite active and am quite fond of cycling, especially mountain-biking. I started volunteering in the summer of 2017 after one io the players approached the bike-shop I work for after the club lost their previous mechanic. I had been interested in wheelchairs for a little while before so was happy to volunteer.

I’m very interested in the role technology can play to restore lost function as a result of an accident, disease, or old age and thereby allow people to live independent, happy lives. Wheelchairs, I think, are a good example of this, which is where my interest in them stems from. So for me a big benefit of volunteering is getting some hands on experience with wheelchairs. More than that however I found that I really enjoy spending time with the team; they’re a wonderful club of people and are incredibly driven in their sport. They are true athletes and a great source of inspiration for a slightly lazy mountain biker.