The Crushers v The Eggheads

eggheads_logoThe Crushers took on their toughest opponents to date in the shape of BBC2’s Eggheads. Johnny, Ciaran, Debra, Brick and myself with Cara as our reluctant sub, we met up outside the new telly studios at Pacific Quay on Sunday just before 2:00pm. Inside the large impressive building we were chaperoned and looked after by the lovely and helpful Lori and Duncan who took us up to the green room, which was actually green. Lori and Duncan ran through what would happen before going through terms and conditions and filling out a few last minute forms before take us down individually to have our makeup done. Having makeup on was a strange experience for us boys although Johnny did take very well to it, almost as if he has had it done before, most Saturday nights I’m guessing. With one last team talk on who was doing what category we were taken down to the studio where we introduced to Jeremy and the Eggheads that we would be up against. We had to take on Chris, Pat, Lisa, CJ and Barry, although we are not allowed to divulge how we got on you can view our photo gallery, the finished episode will be screened at the end of November/beginning December when you will be able to view it. It was a unique experience for all that took part, great fun and very exciting and we were wonderfully looked after by Lori and Duncan, who we can’t thank enough.