Super Series 2

Buoyed by the return of Michael to the squad, the Crushers went into super series two with renewed hope of securing their place in the second division. On the Saturday they were up against Canterbury, Gloucester and Ospreys, then on the Sunday they would face Yorkshire and Liverpool. As expected it was a hard weekend, even with Michael play for them, with the result they were going into the last game winless. The last game was against Liverpool, whom missing big Roy, were there for the taking. It was one of the closes and most exciting game the Crushers had ever been involved in. Nip and tuck all the way, all eyes in the hall were focused on the  game then with the final whistle, the Crushers wining by one point, a huge roar went up and the celebrations were akin to Scotland winning the world cup. With the victory and Michael winning best  1.0/1.5, It was a great way to finish of the weekend.