The team

Jo Butterfield

PositionNo 10
Club RolesVice Captain
Vice chairperson
Player Rep

In 2011 I was diagnosed with a spinal tumour which has had a huge impact on my life, from using a wheelchair to having to get adapted accommodation and  an adapted car, life has become tougher. Prior to the tumour I just played sport for fun but I enjoy the fact that I can still work out.

My first experience wheelchair rugby was while I was in rehab at the spinal unit in Glasgow in 2011 and i loved it from the start. Its fast and furious and great fun. I joined the Caledonian Crushers around Feb 2012 and since then have been nominated as the vice captain of the club.
I absolutely love the sport, its great to watch and play, and gave me the chance to get involved in team sport again after a spinal cord injury. I get a great buzz from playing league weekends, which can get very exciting. I’ve met some fantastic new friends it’s just great to go on tour with them.