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Jason Speirs

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In June 2007 I was diagnosed with Primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis. MS has gradually cast it’s long shadow over everything that I do. I really feel it when my girls are growing up in front of me and I can’t keep up with them. Silly things like kicking a ball, which a healthy person would take for granted is an epic effort of concentration of balance & coordination for me. Previously I was very fit and sporty before being diagnosed. I cycled everywhere, racking up approx 150 miles a week sometimes more, predominately mountain biking. In between that I played 5-aside football twice a week and generally kept myself ticking over. I would play any sport, generally to a decent level with the exception of golf !
After hearing about the Crushers through my MS Physio, Catherine Graham, I joined the team in about November 2012.The benefits of playing wheelchair rugby with the Crushers are many. Physically I get the benefit of being able to push myself to the limit and sometimes beyond them !! Socially being part of a team brings all the benefits that can only be gained by being part of a group, non judgemental, being accepted for being yourself to name a few.