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Donald Hutton

PositionNo 5
Club RoleWebsite manager

In 1997, when working on the Greek island of Ios I broke my neck, diving of a small rock into the sea. I broke two bones in my neck, vertebrae C5 & C6, leaving me completely paralysed from the chest down and with limited hand and arm function. As anyone can imagine it had a huge impact on my life, changing it forever and resulting in me having to use a wheelchair in day to day life and spending the best part of two years in hospital. The bulk of the time was spent in the Southern General hospital, It was there where I first played wheelchair rugby. I loved the game from the first time I played it although I was unable to take it up properly until about the summer of 2010, when I started playing with the now defunct Scottish Wildcats in Falkirk. Shortly after the Wildcats were wound up I began playing with the Crushers when they were still playing at Ashcraig school.

What I like the most about the sport is that there’s a place in a for all levels of disabilities, those like myself with very limited function to those with the highest function. I’ve never been so fit since my accident, I love the buzz you get from pushing yourself to the limit one which I couldn’t replicate by just going to the gym. It’s a fast paced sport that’s incredibly fun and exciting sport to play, with a great group of teammates that you want to do your best for. Since I have started playing rugby my health has improved and I’ve gained a whole new circle of friends.