The team

Debra Torrance


From the eight years old I had felt the effects of Elhers Danlos Syndrome type 3 (HMS) but was only actually diagnosed in about 2005, then in 2010 I my first Multiple Sclerosis (RR) attack. I had always been an active person, playing football and hockey but unfortunately the MS has greatly reduced my mobility and increased my reliance on my family. They are great but it’s frustrating when I can’t do things by myself.

Although I’m able ski which I enjoy very much I still missed playing a team sport. Then when I heard about the rugby club from my physiotherapist. I was keen to have a go, so in September 2013 I went along and I loved it, the adrenaline of taking a big hit and the satisfaction of making that precision pass.

Playing wheelchair rugby I’ve met amazing people who are really inspiring. I got to go away with the team on a trip for the first time since diagnosis of MS. I can see what my teammates can achieve and I have no fear of my progressive condition. I’ve started using a wheelchair myself and my teammates help me out with techniques for opening doors or putting the chair in and out of the car. Most of all it’s the best exercise I’ve ever done. It makes you feel great and helps with my MS and joint problems. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to play a team sport again, skiing is great fun but a very lonely sport. Rugby makes you want to be faster so you can beat your opponent to the line, it makes you want to be stronger so you can take that hit for your teammate to go around you and score, it makes you want to achieve more because you want to be part of a team. In particular the best team, GO CRUSHERS! *Roar!!!*