Get Involved

Join us as a player or a volunteer

As a Player

Regardless of your level of fitness or ability, whether you just want to get out the house or aim for Paralympic glory, if you have a disability affecting your arms and legs and can push a manual wheelchair we would love you to become a part of our wheelchair rugby club.

As well as being one of the most exciting sports around, wheelchair or able bodied, wheelchair rugby offers much more to the players  than somewhere to train each week.  But wheelchair rugby also comes with it’s own unique challenges:

  • We are the only club in Scotland offering wheelchair rugby and we already have players travelling over an hour and a half each way for training every week meaning that some of our players have a lot of travel costs just to train
  • We need to travel 4-5 hours for league fixtures in England as there are no other teams in Scotland, this includes overnight stays
  • We need to take trained nurses or carers when travelling with the team to assist players who are not independent with their personal cares otherwise they simply could not participate in matches away from home
  • Specialist equipment is needed to allow someone to play wheelchair rugby.  Just to get started, a player needs gloves, tape and a chair with appropriate cushioning and strapping as well as a spare wheel to use if they pick up a puncture during training or matches


As a Volunteer

There are many ways to become involved as a volunteer some of which are:

Coaches and Officials – Even if you don’t have any experience we can help you learn the skills to become a coach, referee or table official for Wheelchair Rugby.

General Club Volunteers – There are many volunteer roles within ourwheelchair rugby club from helping players get set up at training sessions to being part of our organising committee or becoming a Trustee of the charity.  Without our excellent team of volunteers, our club just simply wouldn’t function.

Nurses and Carers – Some of our players with higher levels of  disability need assistance with  personal cares when playing away from home and we need people who can volunteer their skills to allow these players to travel with the team.

Fundraising – The specialist equipment needed for wheelchair rugby is expensive, add in replacement tyres, and travel to matches all over the UK, the costs can quickly mount up.  We want to help as many people as possible to play wheelchair rugby, regardless of their financial status, and your support can help us do that.  We need people who would like to run fundraising events for us, fundraise on our behalf or companies who are interested in a unique sponsorship opportunity.

Mechanics and Welders – We need mechanics (wheelchair or bicycle experience) and welders who are willing to volunteer their services to keep our chairs in good working order after the battering they take during training and matches.

Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy and Sports Science Students – Gain invaluable experience by working with volunteer staff, which includes physiotherapists, to teach players transfer and wheelchair skills, provide profiling and fitness testing and develop individualised training programmes as well as managing any sports injuries.