The Filming of Dancing City

Wheelchair rugby might not be played at the commonwealth games at least it will be represented in a small part by ourselves. For the entertainment of those in the stadium at the opening of the games a film is to be produced, one where ordinary groups of workers, from bin men to window cleaners, and different able-bodied and disabled groups, like ourselves, taken out of our normal environment to create something quite special.
Those of us that were able to, met up at Tollcross leisure centre, where, with the choreographer we were put through our paces and asked to come up with any ideas we had that might look good on film, who would know that bunch of rugby players could be so creative. After a flood of creative juices it was off to Central Station to do our thing. We started getting a few strange looks as we wheeled in, in full kit before gloving up but that was nothing to the startled looks we attracted as we started crashing into each other. We spent the next few hours filming routines we practiced earlier, with the finished piece of work taking pride and place on the home page although the making of video can be viewed here.