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Bucket Collection at Soar Braehead

A big thanks to all those who turned up to help at the bucket collection at Soar INTU Braehead, all their hard work was greatly appreciated in raising a grand total of £285.43

Gemma the star

A wonderfull evening for our Gemma at the ANGUSalive sports awards 2016, where she won the Sports Personality of the Year Award for People with a Disability. An award that Gemma so very much deserves and we at the Crushers are very proud of her.

Super Series 3

Going into the final super series their place in division two for the following year was in great doubt. To stay up they would have to beat Liverpool again, and do something that has thus so far eluded them, defeat Yorkshire. They would face Burn, the Hawks and Gloucester on the Saturday and Yorkshire and Liverpool on the Sunday. At times they played some lovely flowing rugby, successfully putting what they trained on into practice. Although they never managed to secure either of the required victories and were ultimately relegated back into the third division, they showed great signs of improvement of which they should be very proud of.

Super Series 2

Buoyed by the return of Michael to the squad, the Crushers went into super series two with renewed hope of securing their place in the second division. On the Saturday they were up against Canterbury, Gloucester and Ospreys, then on the Sunday they would face Yorkshire and Liverpool. As expected it was a hard weekend, even with Michael play for them, with the result they were going into the last game winless. The last game was against Liverpool, whom missing big Roy, were there for the taking. It was one of the closes and most exciting game the Crushers had ever been involved in. Nip and tuck all the way, all eyes in the hall were focused on the  game then with the final whistle, the Crushers wining by one point, a huge roar went up and the celebrations were akin to Scotland winning the world cup. With the victory and Michael winning best  1.0/1.5, It was a great way to finish of the weekend.

Please Sign!

In the last four years the number of wheelchair rugby teams in the UK has risen from seven to 22, with new clubs in Norwich and Brighton set to come on stream in 2017, while GBWR has been at the forefront of burgeoning youth and spinal recovery schemes.

Pond said: “It’s not a huge amount of money we were asking for and what I’m really stunned by is why we’re the only Paralympics sport that’s had its funding cut to zero. If you’d taken a little bit of money from other major sports, it would easily have covered us.

“It seems UK Sport has gone down the road of chasing medals, but we only lost to Australia by two points in extra-time in Rio so I’m not sure how you can claim we are not sport worth backing. Instead, our programme is in jeopardy and we need to find £2m.”

To sign please follow this link

Super Series 1

With one of the division two teams having dissolved, we were offered the chance of competing in division two instead of three, with Michael joining our ranks as player/coach  it was an opportunity that we grabbed with both hands. We would be up against stiff competition in Canterbury, Ospreys and Liverpool on the Saturday and the Hawks and Yorkshire on the Sunday, then with days to go we were dealt a cruel blow when Michael was ruled out due to injury.

It was a hard weekend with the Crushers being under the cosh pretty much the whole time, resulting in no victories but with a silver lining with Ciaran winning best 0.5 player again.