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BT Super Series 3 15/16: Division 3

For the final of the Super Series weekend both the North and South division 3 teams were amalgamated and played over two days instead of the previous one and it would be held in Fenton Manor Sports complex, Stoke. Our  only change in personnel was Debra for Raymond. Day one we were up against having to play the formidable Liverpool, although the day did start well with a good victory against Woodbridge before going on to lose to Liverpool.  Day two saw us pitted against Yorkshire for the first and the Maulers for the second, sadly we lost both but there was definite signs of improvement with an overall finishing position in 4th place. All of which means we will be playing in the third division again next season, although with Liverpool and Yorkshire going up and the Hawks and the Ospreys coming down there should be a more level playing field and with any lucky the Crushers will be playing in the second division again.

BT Super Series 2 15/16: Division 3 (North)

Like Super Series 1, both game were held at Leigh Sports Village near Wigan, in the one day. from the outset we were at a disadvantage, with one of our best players, Jo, being off on Olympic duty. It would look like any attempt to get out of Div 3 would have to next year, then with the loss of both games our fate was pretty much sealed. Both games were hard, it was a real baptism of fire for young Gemma, who not only was experiencing her first Super Series weekend and due to lack of numbers had to play every minute of both game and it has to be said she done herself and the team proud with her performance.

BT Super Series 1 15/16: Division 3 (North)

Although late in the season, we played our first Super Series matches in division 3 this weekend. Division 3, split into North and South, the southern teams being Stoke Mandeville Maulers, The Hammerheads and Woodbridge Warriors, whereas the northern teams were ourselves, Liverpool and Yorkshire. Although Liverpool & Yorkshire were newly created both teams had good numbers and had many seasoned, experienced players. Sadly the difference in experience and function resulted in the loss of both games, although we did play some good rugby and gave a good showing of ourselves.

Be inspired!

Our vice captain Jo Butterfield had an interview with Shereen Nanjiani about life after injury, wheelchair rugby and her amazing achievements in wheelchair athletics. Listen here to Jo’s interview.

SIS BBQ sponsored by Digby Brown

SIS_DIGBY_BROWN_rugby_wheelchairChris, Davie, Adam and Jo went along on Wednesday to take part in a wheelchair rugby demo at this year’s SIS BBQ. With the rain staying off it was a great day for all those attending topped off with our very own Tony Kane winning The Services to Volunteering Award so a huge congratulations him.

The Crushers v The Eggheads

eggheads_logoThe Crushers took on their toughest opponents to date in the shape of BBC2’s Eggheads. Johnny, Ciaran, Debra, Brick and myself with Cara as our reluctant sub, we met up outside the new telly studios at Pacific Quay on Sunday just before 2:00pm. Inside the large impressive building we were chaperoned and looked after by the lovely and helpful Lori and Duncan who took us up to the green room, which was actually green. Lori and Duncan ran through what would happen before going through terms and conditions and filling out a few last minute forms before take us down individually to have our makeup done. Having makeup on was a strange experience for us boys although Johnny did take very well to it, almost as if he has had it done before, most Saturday nights I’m guessing. With one last team talk on who was doing what category we were taken down to the studio where we introduced to Jeremy and the Eggheads that we would be up against. We had to take on Chris, Pat, Lisa, CJ and Barry, although we are not allowed to divulge how we got on you can view our photo gallery, the finished episode will be screened at the end of November/beginning December when you will be able to view it. It was a unique experience for all that took part, great fun and very exciting and we were wonderfully looked after by Lori and Duncan, who we can’t thank enough.

Club night out.

WEST_Brewery_LogoWhat a better way for the players and volunteers to get reacquainted with each other after nearly a two month summer break, other than a Saturday night in the pub. The venue for dinner, beer and potential debauchery was the West Brewery, Bar & Restaurant in the Templeton building situated in Glasgow Green. There was a good turnout even though many we still on holidays but still a good time was had by all, right to chucking out time. View some of the pictures of the evening in our photo gallery.

Jo the golden girl

jo_recordWhat a fantastic showing from our very own Jo, who on the final day of IPC Athletics Grand Prix in Dubai secured gold in the in the combined F32/33/51 discus competition to better the previous F51 world record mark by 27 centimetres. Earlier on at the Grand Prix Jo had thrown 19.69m for 1114 points in the F51 club throw competition – the event in which she won European gold last year – to break the European


A morning with the Dundee Dragons

dundee_dragons_visitThe Crushers spent a very enjoyable morning up in Dundee training with the Dundee Dragons before congratulating them on receipt of five new rugby chairs. Where Dr James Robson, British & Irish Lions and Scottish Rugby Union Team Doctor present the chairs to the club on behalf of Wooden Spoon charity. Why not view photos of the day in our gallery.

The Riverside show

We we’re on the telly again! Yes, we had a wonderful to promote the Crushers, STV Glasgow’s Riverside Show sent along their roving reporter Colin Stone to join us for training on Tuesday evening. Paul put him through his paces with a few sprints and set of layups for good measure followed by a full on game in front of the cameras. Although sadly they missed Raymond’s moment of glory when he got knock spectacularly out of his chair. Still Paul and, our poster boy, Ciaran were at their charismatic best for their short interview with Colin which can be viewed here.