BT Super Series 3 15/16: Division 3

For the final of the Super Series weekend both the North and South division 3 teams were amalgamated and played over two days instead of the previous one and it would be held in Fenton Manor Sports complex, Stoke. Our  only change in personnel was Debra for Raymond. Day one we were up against having to play the formidable Liverpool, although the day did start well with a good victory against Woodbridge before going on to lose to Liverpool.  Day two saw us pitted against Yorkshire for the first and the Maulers for the second, sadly we lost both but there was definite signs of improvement with an overall finishing position in 4th place. All of which means we will be playing in the third division again next season, although with Liverpool and Yorkshire going up and the Hawks and the Ospreys coming down there should be a more level playing field and with any lucky the Crushers will be playing in the second division again.